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Disney Opens Largest Disney Store Yet in Shanghai (June 1, 2015): Disney has opened its biggest store in the world in Shanghai, China. The store is 9,257 square feet.

Barbie Gets Super Powers in New Animated Movie (March 25, 2015): Barbie becomes a super hero in a new animated film, Barbie in Princess Power.

Mattel and Google Collaborate on New View-Master Toy (February 15, 2015): Mattel and Google have collaborated on a new version of the classic View-Master toy. The toy arrives in fall 2015.

Furbacca Furby Unveiled at 2015 New York Toy Fair (February 14, 2015): Hasbro unveiled a Furbacca Furby at the 2015 New York Toy Fair.

Vermont Teddy Bear Launches Fifty Shades of Grey Bear (February 9, 2015): Vermont Teddy Bear has launched a Fifty Shades of Grey bear. The bear ties in with the book and upcoming film.

Lego Birds Set Coming in January (December 13, 2014): A Lego bird set designed by Tom Poulsom is coming in January 2015.

Lego Frozen Set Could Have Been a Hot Christmas Toy (December 2, 2014): Lego Frozen set features Elsa's Ice Palace won't arrive in stores until January.

McDonald's Recalls Hello Kitty Whistles (November 11, 2014): McDonald's has recalled its Hello Kitty whistles due to a choking and aspiration hazard.

Lego, Frozen and TMNT Toys Cover 2014 Holiday Toy Catalogs (November 9, 2014): The 2014 holiday toy catalogs have arrived. Lego, Target, Toys R Us and Walmart are among manufacturers and retailers with holiday catalogs.

Shakira and Fisher-Price Launch Baby Toy Line (November 6, 2014): Shakira has partnered with Fisher-Price to launch a toy line that will benefit the Barefoot Foundation

Disney Launches Big Hero 6 Toys (November 5, 2014): Disney has launched its Big Hero 6 toy line. The film arrives in theaters this weekend.

Breaking Bad Action Figures Pulled From Toys R Us' Shelves (October 22, 2014): Toys R Us has pulled Breaking Bad action figures from its store shelves and from its online store.

Snow Glow Elsa Doll is a Hot Holiday Toy (October 13, 2014): The Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Doll is a hot holiday toy for the upcoming holiday shopping season.

Karl Lagerfeld Designs Barbie in His Own Image (September 7, 2014): Karl Lagerfeld has a new creation: Barbie Lagerfeld. The limited edition Barbie doll is dressed and styled exactly like Karl.

Barbie Nurse Dolls From 1961 and 2012 Show Changing Style (August 24, 2014): The outfits worn by Barbie as a nurse have changed greatly from 1961 to 2012.