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Welcome to the Toys section on Our toy coverage includes news about new and upcoming toys. We also report on the hottest toys during the holidays. We cover a wide variety of toys including Lego, Barbie, video games, construction toys, movie tie-ins and many more. You can also get our toy news on Twitter, @toys.

Breaking Bad Action Figures Pulled From Toys R Us' Shelves (October 22, 2014): Toys R Us has pulled Breaking Bad action figures from its store shelves and from its online store.

Snow Glow Elsa Doll is a Hot Holiday Toy (October 13, 2014): The Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Doll is a hot holiday toy for the upcoming holiday shopping season.

Karl Lagerfeld Designs Barbie in His Own Image (September 7, 2014): Karl Lagerfeld has a new creation: Barbie Lagerfeld. The limited edition Barbie doll is dressed and styled exactly like Karl.

Lego Fusion Combines Lego Bricks With an App (July 10, 2014): Lego Fusion combines Lego bricks with an app. The sets and apps will arrive in August 2014.

Rovio and Hasbro to Launch Angry Birds Transformers Products (June 22, 2014): Rovio and Hasbro have partnered to launch a line of Angry Birds Transformers products. The products will include a mobile game.

More Children Injured When Bounce House Gets Dragged by Strong Wind Gust (June 2, 2014): There has been another bounce house wind incident resulting in more injured children.

Budapest Sets World Record for Tallest Lego Tower (May 27, 2014): Budapest sets world record for the tallest Lego tower. It is 36 meters tall.

Jakks Pacific to Launch Twinkle Toes Cabbage Patch Kids (May 27, 2014): Jakks Pacific is launching a line of Skechers Twinkle Toes themed Cabbage Patch Kids in June. Jakks is also planning other Skechers based toys and dress-up clothes.

Jakks Pacific Launches Maleficent Glow Horns (May 24, 2014): Jakks Pacific has launched Maleficent Glow Horns. The horns, inspired by Maleficent in the upcoming film, glow purple when a button is pressed.

Toys R Us Tote Bag to Benefit Save the Children (May 22, 2014): Toys R Us has introduced a resuable tote bag. Proceeds from the sales of the bag will benefit Save the Children.

Barbie and Artist Romero Britto Launch Britto Barbie Doll (May 17, 2014): Barbie and artist Romero Britto have launched the Britto Barbie doll. She is holding a soccer ball.

Marvel Super Heroes to Join Disney Infinity This Fall (May 7, 2014): Marvel Super Heroes characters will be available for the Disney Infinity system this Fall. There will be 20 characters available.

Spin Master Developing Robot T-Rex Toy Named Boomer (May 3, 2014): Spin Master is developing a cute T-Rex toy named Boomer. The robot moves around on two wheels and has eyes that light up.

Rubik's Cube Celebrates 40th Anniversary With Exhibit at the Liberty Science Center (April 26, 2014): Rubik's Cube celebrates 40th anniversary with an exhibit at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City

Sony Pictures and Mattel to Launch Live-Action Barbie Film (April 24, 2014): Sony Pictures and Mattel have partnered to launch a live-action Barbie film.