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Apple and Hermes Partner for Apple Watch Styles (October 7, 2015): Apple and Hermes have partnered to launch Apple Watch Hermes, a collection of Apple watches featuring leather Hermes watch bands.

Keurig Announces Cold Beverage Making Machine Called Keurig Kold (September 29, 2015): Keurig has announced a machine that makes cold beverages called the Keurig Kold.

Samsung and Oculus to Launch Gear VR This Fall (September 26, 2015): Samsung and Oculus have announced plans to launch the Gear VR headset this Fall.

Amazon Introduces $50 Fire Tablet (September 17, 2015): Amazon has introduced its new $50 Fire tablet. The tablet goes on sale on September 30th.

Mark Zuckerberg Covers Vanity Fair October 2015 Issue (September 14, 2015): Mark Zuckerberg covers the October 2015 issue of Vanity Fair. He wears a grey t-shirt and jeans.

Sphero BB-8 Star Wars Robot is Already a Hot Holiday Toy (September 4, 2015): The Star Wars Sphero BB-8 robot toy is already a hot holiday toy.

Samsung Unveils Monitor That Can Charge Your Phone (July 27, 2015): Samsung has unveiled a new monitor that can also wirelessly charge your phone. The monitor is the SE370

Best Buy to Start Carrying Apple Watch on August 7 (July 27, 2015): Best Buy will become the first retailer to start carrying the Apple Watch aside from Apple stores on August 7.

Hot Topic To Acquire ThinkGeek (May 27, 2015): Hot Topic is acquiring Geeknet, Inc., the parent comapny of ThinkGeek

U.S. Government Warns Lenovo Computer Owners Over Superfish Malware (February 20, 2015): U.S. Government is warning consumers who own Lenovo computers to remove the Superfish malware.

Mattel and Google Collaborate on New View-Master Toy (February 15, 2015): Mattel and Google have collaborated on a new version of the classic View-Master toy. The toy arrives in fall 2015.

RadioShack to Close and Sell Stores After Filing for Bankruptcy (February 6, 2015): RadioShack has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. It will sell 1,500 to 2,400 stores and close the remainder of its 4,000 stores.

Kim Kardashian Takes Selfies in T-Mobile Super Bowl Ad (February 1, 2015): Kim Kardashian stars in the T-Mobile Super Bowl ad. She takes selfies of herself in the commercial.

LaCie Launches Stylish Portable Hard Drive Called LaCie Mirror (January 19, 2015): LaCie has launched a stylish looking portable hard drive called the LaCie Mirror.

NordicTrack Unveils Treadmill Desk at CES 2015 (January 10, 2015): NordicTrack unveield its new desk tradmill at the 2015 Consumer Electronic Show. The treadmill costs $1,799.