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Oprah Releases Her List of Favorite Things for 2015 (November 5, 2015): Oprah has released her list of favorite things for 2015. This year the items are shoppable on Amazon

Samsung Unveils Giant 18-inch Tablet Called Galaxy View (October 28, 2015): Samsung has unveiled a supersized 18.4-inch tablet called the Samsung Galaxy View. It has a special carry handle.

Man Starts Camping Outside Best Buy for Black Friday 33 Days Early (October 26, 2015): A man is already camping outside a Best Buy store in Orlando for Black Friday. He is 33 days early.

Microsoft Opens First Flagship Store in New York City (October 26, 2015): Microsoft has opened its first flagship store in New York City. The store is located on Fifth Avenue.

Vaio Unveils Sleek Vaio Z Canvas Laptop (October 24, 2015): Vaio has unveiled a sleek new laptop, the Vaio Z Canvas. Pricing starts at $2,150.

2015 Black Friday HDTV Price Predictions (October 21, 2015): 2015 Black Friday HTV Price Predictions include 42-inch HDTVs falling to around $100 and 60-inch models around $400 to $550.

LG Rolly Keyboard Rolls Up and Fits in a Purse (October 18, 2015): LG's new keyboard rolls up and can fit in your purse. It is called the LG Rolly Keyboard.

Larger iPad Pro Tablet Ships in November (October 18, 2015): Apple will start shipping its larger iPad Pro tablet in November. The tablet features a 12.9-inch screen.

Microsoft Launches Surface Book Laptop (October 9, 2015): Microsoft has announced its latest device, the Surface Book, which can function as a laptop or tablet.

Apple and Hermes Partner for Apple Watch Styles (October 7, 2015): Apple and Hermes have partnered to launch Apple Watch Hermes, a collection of Apple watches featuring leather Hermes watch bands.

Keurig Announces Cold Beverage Making Machine Called Keurig Kold (September 29, 2015): Keurig has announced a machine that makes cold beverages called the Keurig Kold.

Samsung and Oculus to Launch Gear VR This Fall (September 26, 2015): Samsung and Oculus have announced plans to launch the Gear VR headset this Fall.

Amazon Introduces $50 Fire Tablet (September 17, 2015): Amazon has introduced its new $50 Fire tablet. The tablet goes on sale on September 30th.

Mark Zuckerberg Covers Vanity Fair October 2015 Issue (September 14, 2015): Mark Zuckerberg covers the October 2015 issue of Vanity Fair. He wears a grey t-shirt and jeans.

Sphero BB-8 Star Wars Robot is Already a Hot Holiday Toy (September 4, 2015): The Star Wars Sphero BB-8 robot toy is already a hot holiday toy.