SNL Skit: Church Lady Interviews Kardashian Sisters, Justin Bieber

Dana Carvey's classic character The Church Lady returned to SNL last night and she was funnier than before, if that's possible. Church Lady discussed all the shows on tv now, such as Charlie Sheen's show One and a Half Men and a Whoremonger. But she said she doesn't want to judge Charlie. We've all locked hookers in the closet atone time or another.

Her first guests to be interviewed were "The Holy Trinity of Sluts," the Kardashians. Her next guest was the star of the MTV show "Jersey Whore," Snooki. She even brought out an exorcist to remove the demon from inside Snooki, but that didn't go as planned.

Her last guest was Justin Bieber. Justin made a really good impression on the Church Lady. In fact she was "quite affected in a way that she didn't think she would be." "Say my name with your angel voice!!" she implored Beiber. But she managed to control herself, and then launched into her Superiority Dance with some help from "God's finest creation." Take a look:

Posted on February 6, 2011

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