Show Your Guy You Care With a Levitating Hover Scooter

What do you buy for Valentine's Day for the the man who has everything? Why, a Hammacher Schlemmer Levitating Hover Scooter, of course! He'll be the first guy on the block to scare the heck out of the early morning joggers with this unique invention which hovers a few inches off the ground and zips along at speeds up to 15 miles per hour. Here's what Hammacher Schlemmer has to say:
Learning to ride the scooter takes less than five minutes, and no previous skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, or other experience is required. Easy and intuitive to control, the rider simply leans left or right to perform smooth turns without the need for complex controls. A throttle and clutch mounted on the handlebar allow prec ise control of engine power while skimming along. To increase acceleration, the rider leans back slightly while gripping the handlebar, and the friction drive wheel at the underside rear of the scooter makes contact with the ground, increasing speed up to a maximum of approximately 15 mph.

The hovering scooter deftly glides over level, solid ground such as concrete, asphalt, or well-groomed grass, free of debris, sand, stones, and other obstacles. It can even travel up minor inclines. Stopping is as easy as releasing the throttle and clutch controls and allowing the hovering scooter to gently coast to a halt over a distance of approximately twenty feet. For added safety, an engine kill switch wristband similar to those on water-jet vehicles is worn by the rider during operation. Utilizing the same gravity-defying principles found in larger hovercraft, the hovering scooter is powered by a four-stroke internal combustion engine that operates for approximately one hour on a full tank of unleaded gasoline.
This little gem of technology will set you back $16,999.95 and comes in either red, green, blue or yellow. Red, of course, is the preferred color for Valentine's Day.

Posted on February 7, 2006

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