Retail News

Crocs to Close 75 to 100 Stores, Eliminate Some Shoe Styles (July 22, 2014): Crocs is closing 75 to 100 stores and laying off 183 jobs as part of a restructing effort.

Juicy Couture Plans to Close U.S. Stores Before Opening New Stores (June 24, 2014): Juicy Couture plans to open new stores in 2015 after closing all its U.S. stores. The brand is now operated by Authentic Brands Group.

Cole Haan Opens Tokyo Flagship (June 22, 2014): Cole Haan has opened a new Tokyo flagship store called Cole Haan Ginza. It is 2,000 square feet.

Coach Plans to Close 70 Stores in North America (June 21, 2014): Coach is planning to close up to 70 stores in North America due to falling sales.

American Apparel to Oust Founder and CEO Dov Charney (June 19, 2014): American Apparel has suspended founder and ceo Dov Charney. It plans to terminate him as ceo.

Alibaba Group Launches 11 Main (June 16, 2014): Alibaba Group has launched 11 Main, an ecommerce site that features items from a collection of specialty shops and boutiques.

H&M Partners With Artist Jeff Koons for Fifth Avenue Flagship Store Opening (June 14, 2014): H&M has partnered with the Whitney Museum and artist Jeff Koons for the opening of its 5th Avenue flagship store.

Hershey's Chocolate World Opens in Las Vegas (June 4, 2014): Hershey's has opened a flagship store at the New York-New York Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas called Hershey's Chocolate World

Express to Close Fifty Stores (May 30, 2014): Express, Inc. has announced that it will close 50 stores over the next three years. The stores will close as leases expire.

American Eagle to Close 150 Stores (May 22, 2014): American Eagle has announced plans to close 150 stores over the next three years.

Families of 9/11 Victims Angry About 9/11 Museum Gift Shop (May 19, 2014): Famies of 9/11 Victims are angry about a 9/11 Museum Gift Shop.

Westfield Plans Giant Touchscreen Displays in Malls (May 18, 2014): Westfield is planning to add giant touchscreen displays in its malls.

Sears Plans to Continue Closing Underperforming Stores (May 11, 2014): Sears tells shareholders that store closings will continue. The retailer is focused on its Shop Your Way reward program.

Amazon Adds Sunday Delivery in 15 Cities (May 8, 2014): Amazon has added 15 cities to its Sunday delivery plan, which first launched in Los Angeles and New York City.

Citizen Watch Announces Times Square Flagship Store (May 8, 2014): Citizen Watch has announced its upcoming flagship store in Times Square. The store will be located at 1500 Broadway.