Retail News

Lululemon Launches Craft Beer Called Curiosity Lager (August 1, 2015): Lululemon has launched a limited-edition craft beer called Curiosity Lager. Only 80,000 cans iwll

World's Largest Mall to Open in Qatar in 2016 (July 26, 2015): Qatar is currently building the largest mall in the world. It is called The Mall of Qatar and it will open in the 1st quarter of 2016.

GameStop Completes Acquisition of ThinkGeek (July 20, 2015): GameStop has completed its acquisition of Geeknet, the parent company of ThinkGeek.

Amazon Says Prime Day Will Return in 2016 (July 19, 2015): Amazon says its Prime Day sale was a success and will return in 2016. Amazon sold 34.4 million items.

American Apparel Announces Layoffs and Store Closings (July 7, 2015): American Apparel has announced a turnaround plan that includes cost cutting through layoffs and store closings.

Amazon Launches Treasure Truck in Seattle (June 29, 2015): Amazon has launched a deal carrying truck called the Treasure Truck. It is currently available in the Seattle area.

365 by Whole Foods Market Stores to Launch in 2016 (June 20, 2015): Whole Foods plans to launch a new line of stores called 365 by Whole Foods Market in 2016.

Gap Closing Some Physical Stores While Launching Digital Pop-up Store (June 18, 2015): Gap announced it will be closing 175 physical stores while launching a digital pop-up store.

CVS to Acquire Target's Pharmacy Business (June 15, 2015): CVS is acquiriing Target's pharmacy business and will be running the pharmacy stores inside Target stores.

Amazon Launches Minions Themed Boxes (June 4, 2015): Amazon has launched Minions themed boxes in a deal with Universal Pictures.

Amazon Offers Free Shipping on Some Small Items (June 3, 2015): Amazon has started offering free shipping on some small items. No minimum payment or Prime subscription is needed.

Disney Opens Largest Disney Store Yet in Shanghai (June 1, 2015): Disney has opened its biggest store in the world in Shanghai, China. The store is 9,257 square feet.

Hot Topic To Acquire ThinkGeek (May 27, 2015): Hot Topic is acquiring Geeknet, Inc., the parent comapny of ThinkGeek

Trader Joe's Tops Grocery Store Survey for Third Consecutive Year (May 26, 2015): Trader Joe's is the top grocery store in the U.S. for the third straight year according to a Market Force Information survey.

Reese Witherspoon Launches Draper James Lifestyle Brand (May 25, 2015): Reese Witherspoon has launched the Draper James retail brand. The brand is named after her grandparents.