Report: Cheryl Cole to File for Divorce

Cheryl Cole

The Mirror reports that Cheryl Cole is ready to file for divorce from her soccer star husband Ashley Cole after he was caught in a sexting/cheating scandal.
Last night a source close to the singer told the Sunday Mirror: "Cheryl has turned a corner and is now ready to move on. But she doesn't want a messy divorce � it must be as quick and as amicable as possible.

"She's not looking to profit and was never with him for his money. She doesn't want a penny from him."
The article also says Cheryl Cole has been sick with bronchitis. We hope she gets feeling better soon. She should take some of Ashley Cole's money after what she has been through. The Cheryl "doesn't want a penny" thing sounds like an emotional reaction to what has happened to her. It doesn't sound very wise.

Photo: Cheryl Cole

Posted on March 21, 2010

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