Photo Appears to Catch Obama, Sarkozy Girl Watching

Obama Sarkozy Watch Girl on Steps

This photo above appears to capture President Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy eyeing a girl as she walks up the steps in front of them. The photo has captured international attention. A Bild headline reads, "Oh la la - US President snapped checking out delegate's bum!" Italy's Corrierre Della Sera has a headline that reads, "Lo sguardo' indiscreto' di Obama." A tacky New York Post says, "Tail to the Chief."

It is a very amusing photo that appears to catch the President in the act of checking out a girl. However, all is not as it appears in the photo. Fortunately for President Obama, an ABC video proves his innocence. The video below shows that President Obama was looking down at the steep steps just before he helped another young woman step down. As for Sarkozy, well, we're not sure what his excuse was.

Photo: ABC

Posted on July 10, 2009

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