Holiday News

Kristen Bell and Straight No Chaser Sing Text Me Merry Christmas (November 18, 2014): Kristen Bell and Straight No Chase team up for this cute holiday song, Text Me Merry Christmas

Ariana Grande Announces Christmas Song Called Santa Tell Me (November 14, 2014): Ariana Grande announced she is releasing a Christmas song this year called Santa Tell Me

Baskin-Robbins Launches Camouflage Ice Cream for Veterans Day (November 6, 2014): Baskin-Robbins has launched a new camouflage ice cream flavor, First Class Camouflage, for Veterans Day.

Oprah Reveals Her Favorite Things for Holiday 2014 (November 5, 2014): The list of Oprah's Favorite Things has been released for the 2014 holidays. The items range in price from $10 to $700

Neiman Marcus Unveils Luxury Gifts in 2014 Christmas Book (October 27, 2014): Neiman Marcus has unveiled the luxurious and elaborate gifts in its 2014 Christmas Book.

Idina Menzel Releases Christmas Album Called Holiday Wishes (October 21, 2014): Idina Menzel has released a new Christmas album called Holiday Wishes. It has a duet with Michael Buble on it.

Allen Penn Makes Identity Crisis Hot Dogs for 4th of July (July 4, 2014): Allen Penn, co-author of the Hot Dog cookbook Wieners Gone Wild! demonstrates Identity Crisis Hot Dogs for a meat filled 4th of July picnic.

36,000 Pagans and Tourists Celebrated Summer Solstice at Stonehenge (June 22, 2014): 36,000 pagans, druids and tourists celebrated the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge on June 21st the longest day of the year. They left a terrible mess at the English Heritage site.

Pope Francis Celebrates Easter in St. Peter's Square (April 20, 2014): 150,000 line St. Peter's Square to hear Pope Francis celebrate mass on Easter Sunday.

Residents of Greek Island of Chios Celebrate Easter With Rocket War (April 19, 2014): Residents of the Greek island of Chios celebrated Easter with their annual rocket war.

Gefilte Fish Shortage Affects Passover Meal Planning (April 16, 2014): Polar Vortex causes gefilte fish shortage for Passover. Whitefish is almost impossible to find, leaving cooks scrambling for substitutions.

Traditions to Celebrate Lunar New Year (January 29, 2014): As millions of Chinese travel for Lunar New Year, traditions include giving money in red envelopes, eating sweets and attracting prosperity in the Year of the Horse.

Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter Visit The White House (January 21, 2014): Beyonce and her daughter Blue Ivy Carter visited the White House and check out the Christmas decorations. Blue Ivy met Sunny.

Giant Rubber Duck Bursts in Taiwan (January 2, 2014): A giant yellow rubber duck burst in Taiwan's Keelung Port and deflated.

Video: Ball Drops in Times Square (January 1, 2014): The ball drops in Times Square as 2014 arrives in the United States.