Gourmet News

Sting Sings Roxanne With Jimmy Fallon and the Ragtime Gals (May 23, 2015): Sting joined Jimmy Fallon and the Ragtime Gals for a barbershop quartet version of Roxanne. He also discusses his Italian estate and the wines he produces.

Listeria Fears Shut Down Blue Bell and Jeni's Ice Cream Production (April 25, 2015): Listeria contamination hits two popular, small ice cream brands: Blue Bell and Jeni's. FDA is looking for a connection.

Heinz Launches Sriracha Flavored Ketchup (February 11, 2015): Heinz has launched Sriracha flavored ketchup. It is currently available at select retailers including Walmart and Target.

Nabisco Jumps on Red Velvet Trend With Red Velvet Oreos (January 20, 2015): Nabisco is jumping on to the red velvet food trend with a new product, Red Velvet Oreos.

Starbucks Launches Flat White Espresso (January 9, 2015): Starbucks has introduced a new espresso beverage called the Flat White. The espresso is already popular in Australia and the UK.

Martha Stewart Creates Gingerbread Downton Abbey (January 1, 2015): Martha Stewart made a gingerbread version of the Downton Abbey mansion. It required 66 cups of flour.

Gunman Holds Hostages in Sydney's Lindt Cafe (December 15, 2014): A gunman is holding hostages in Sydney's Lindt cafe. The stand-off has been going on for at least 12 hours.

SNL Sketch Pokes Fun at Expensive Vitamix Blender (October 5, 2014): SNL pokes fun at the juicing craze. Sarah Silverman and Vanessa Bayer have a terrible argument over a Vitamix blender.

Napa Valley Earthquake Hits Vineyards Hard (August 26, 2014): Saturday's earthquake hit the Napa Valley vineyards really hard. Damage to wine and infrastructure is extensive, although injuries were minimal.

Chef David Chang Challenges Jimmy Fallon to a Spicy Chicken Wing Eating Contest (August 23, 2014): Things got hot and spicy as Jimmy Fallon and Chef David Chang competed in a chicken wing eating contest. They each tried to make the other guy sweat.

Chef Wiley Dufresne is Closing WD-50 (June 16, 2014): Molecular gastronomy evangelist Wiley Dufresne explains why he's closing his iconic restaurant WD-50 and reveals his future plans.

Giada De Laurentiis Opens Her First Restaurant at The Cromwell Las Vegas (June 8, 2014): Giada De Laurentiis has opened her first restaurant, Giada, at The Cromwell Las Vegas.

Jon Favreau Discusses His New Movie Chef and Training With Chef Roy Choi (June 6, 2014): Jon Favreau was a guest on Conan O'Brien's show to discuss his movie Chef, and how he has become obsessed with cooking. Smoking brisket is his favorite pastime.

Doctor Who Started Gluten Free Trend Says He Was Wrong (May 27, 2014): Doctor who started celebrity gluten free trend says a new study proves he was wrong. Gluten only harms those with celiac disease, does not cause symptoms for others.

Elite Taste Team at Starbucks Test 600 Cups of Coffee Daily (May 23, 2014): The elite taste team at Starbucks sample 600 different types of coffee each day. The tasting room is called the cupping room.