Gap Goes Cheer Crazy For Christmas

GAP Cheer is bringing the Christmas cheer this year with its Cheer Factory. The ads consist of models dressed in gap clothes leading people in holiday cheers. The campaign has a viral component because you can personalize the cheer and send it off to a friend. A 20% coupon will also be delivered along with the cheer. In the viral cheer, the Gap cheerleaders hold up letters spelling your friend's name. The fact that a coupon is sent should generate lots of traffic for Some people like the campaign while others find it annoying.

Ivy Ross, executive vice president of marketing for the Gap brand at Gap in San Francisco, told the New York Times, that the ads were thought up before the hit Glee show and its Cheerios squad.
Although the development of the campaign "started before we saw 'Glee,'" Ms. Ross said, "there's no accident to" the resemblance between the series and the ads.

"We were very conscious of the environment we're in," she added, and the idea was to produce a campaign that was "optimistic and bold," countering the concept that "some people say you can't be happy this year because we're going through a crisis."
Gap has also added its holiday cheers to its YouTube channel. To send a cheer to a friend you need to use the website.

Posted on November 16, 2009

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