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Krispy Kreme's Holiday Doughnuts Include Snowman and Wreath (December 6, 2014): Krispy Kreme has launched its holiday themed doughnuts. This year's offerings include a snowman and a wreath.

Girl Scouts Go Digital for Cookie Sales (December 1, 2014): This will be the first year you can buy Girl Scout cookies online. Digital Cookie has gone live, giving more access to Thin Mints and Samoas.

FDA Issues Calorie Count Labeling Regs Just in Time for Thanksgiving (November 25, 2014): The FDA has issued its final regulations for calorie count labeling for pizza chains, restaurant chains, movie theaters and grocery stores. Even alcohol must be labeled now.

Starbucks Takes Eggnog Latte Nationwide After Customers Complain (November 7, 2014): Starbucks has taken sales of its Eggnog Latte nationwide after customers complained it was only available in the Pacific Northwest.

Baskin-Robbins Launches Camouflage Ice Cream for Veterans Day (November 6, 2014): Baskin-Robbins has launched a new camouflage ice cream flavor, First Class Camouflage, for Veterans Day.

Pumpkin Macarons, Mummy Brownies and Graveyard Cupcakes for Halloween (October 23, 2014): Williams-Sonoma is carrying some interesting items for Halloween this year including Pumpkin Macarons and Graveyard Cupcakes.

Just Born Launches Peeps Marshmallow Minions (October 21, 2014): Just Born has launched Peeps Minions. The marshmallow minions are in stores now. They cost $2 for a pack of six.

Kittens Multiply in Taylor Swift's Diet Coke Ad (October 15, 2014): Kittens multiply in Taylor Swift's new Diet Coke ad. The more she drinks the more kittens appear.

Disney's Haunted Mansion Features Gingerbread Zombie for Halloween 2014 (October 13, 2014): Disney has unveiled its 14th original gingerbread design at the Haunted Man Disneyland Resort. This year's design features a trapped gingerbread zombie.

Make Zombie Cookies for Halloween (October 12, 2014): Zombie cookie kits and zombie shaped cookie cutters are available so you can make creepy zombie cookies for Halloween this year.

SNL Sketch Pokes Fun at Expensive Vitamix Blender (October 5, 2014): SNL pokes fun at the juicing craze. Sarah Silverman and Vanessa Bayer have a terrible argument over a Vitamix blender.

Black Hamburger Battle Between McDonald's Japan and Burger King Japan (October 4, 2014): Two fast food behemoths have engaged in a black hamburger battle in Japan. Burger King's burger uses a squid ink sauce.

Pepsi's New Pepsi True Soft Drink is Sweetened With Stevia (October 1, 2014): Pepsi is launching a new beverage called Pepsi True. The beverage is sweetened with Stevia and will be sold on Amazon later this month.

Krispy Kreme Launches Ghostbusters Doughnuts (September 17, 2014): Krispy Kreme launches two Ghostbusters doughnuts. One of them resembles the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Napa Valley Earthquake Hits Vineyards Hard (August 26, 2014): Saturday's earthquake hit the Napa Valley vineyards really hard. Damage to wine and infrastructure is extensive, although injuries were minimal.