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Krispy Kreme Launches Ghostbusters Doughnuts (September 17, 2014): Krispy Kreme launches two Ghostbusters doughnuts. One of them resembles the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Napa Valley Earthquake Hits Vineyards Hard (August 26, 2014): Saturday's earthquake hit the Napa Valley vineyards really hard. Damage to wine and infrastructure is extensive, although injuries were minimal.

TCBY Launches Angry Birds Frozen Yogurt (July 13, 2014): TCBY has launched a line of Angry Birds frozen yogurt. The first flavor is Red's Birdberry Yogurt

Hostess Announces Return of Chocodile Twinkies (July 10, 2014): Hostess has announced the return of Chocodile Twinkies. The Twinkies were last available in the 1990s.

Crumbs Bake Shop Shuts Down and Closes All 50 Stores (July 9, 2014): Crumbs Bake Shop is shutting down and closing all 50 stores.

Doritos Loaded Snacks Arrive at 7-Eleven (July 8, 2014): 7-Eleven is carrying a new food item from Doritios called Doritos Loaded Snacks. It is a take on the classic mozzarella stick.

Allen Penn Makes Identity Crisis Hot Dogs for 4th of July (July 4, 2014): Allen Penn, co-author of the Hot Dog cookbook Wieners Gone Wild! demonstrates Identity Crisis Hot Dogs for a meat filled 4th of July picnic.

Wonka to Launch Randoms Gummy Candy (June 26, 2014): Wonka is launching a new gummy candy called Randoms. It has different gummy shapes and flavors.

Artists Build Meat Rushmore Using Jack Link's Jerky (June 25, 2014): Artists built a meat replica of Mount Rushmore using Jack Link's beef, pork and turkey jerkey products. It is called Meat Rushmore.

Starbucks Launches Fizzio Sodas and Shaken Iced Teas (June 24, 2014): Starbucks has launched two new types of beverages: Fizzio sodas and Teavana Shaken Iced Teas.

President Obama Eats Lunch at Chipotle (June 23, 2014): President Obama ate lunch at Chipotle. He ordered a burrito bowl.

Starbucks to Raise Prices on Some Coffee Products (June 20, 2014): Starbucks has announced it is raising its prices on some coffee products. The increase is linked to a Brazil drought.

7-Eleven Launches Limited Edition Tropical Red Bull Flavor (June 19, 2014): 7-Eleven is carrying a limited edition tropical fruit Red Bull flavor. It will be available starting in July.

Baskin-Robbins Unveils Sand Pail Cake (June 16, 2014): Baskin-Robbins unveiled this Sand Pail Cake as one of its new summer 2014 offerings.

P.F. Chang's Reveals Credit and Debit Card Data Stolen From Some of Its Restaurants (June 14, 2014): P.F. Chang's has revealed that credit and debit card data was stolen from some of its restaurants. The restaurants have switched to manual imprinting devices.