Drew Barrymore Covers June 2014 Issue of Redbook

Drew Barrymore covers June 2014 issue of Redbook

Drew Barrymore covers the June 2014 issue of Redbook magazine. Drew wears a floral dress in the cover photographed by David Burton. In the interview, Drew talks about raising her daughters and making time for girlfriends. She also talks about her Blended co-star Adam Sandler. Blended arrives in theaters on May 23.

On Raising Her Daughters to Understand Responsibility: "I would really like to raise kids to do summer jobs and intern, and understand that if you are supposed to be somewhere at 3 o'clock, you need to be there at 3 o'clock."

On Making Time for Her Girlfriends: "I fight to carve out the time. My friends are such a priority because they were what I had for most of my life. We are really close. I wish we could play more often, but everyone is so busy it's insane. But to go over to each other's houses on a Sunday to check in, just get on the phone and talk: 'How are you? Do you need anything?' Really trying to be there is important. If I was ever in a bind, no one on the planet would have my back more than my friends."

On Her Blended Co-star Adam Sandler: "Some comedians are really dark in person, and that's heartbreaking. Adam is a genuinely nice, positive person. He doesn't have a mean-spiritedness to his comedy or to his nature. We both really care about goodness."

Photo: Redbook

Posted on May 8, 2014

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