Auto News

Keanu Reeves Helps Launch Neiman Marcus 2015 Christmas Book (October 17, 2015): Neiman Marcus has launched its 2015 Christmas Book. Keanu Reeves has a motorcycle and luxury ride as one of the gifts.

SNL Spoofs Starbucks' Racetogether Campaign (March 29, 2015): SNL did a hilarious spoof of the disastrous Starbucks racetogether campaign. Now Pep Boys wants their mechanics to #genderflect and discuss gender and identity issues.

Vanessa Bayer Recreates the 50 Shades of Grey Elevator Scene (February 8, 2015): Vanessa Bayer stars in a hilarious new Audi commercial in which she attempts to recreate the infamous elevator scene from Fifty Shades of Grey. It does not go well.

Jim Carrey Parodies Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln Commercials (October 27, 2014): Jim Carrey does a hilarious parody of Matthew McConaughey's ads for the new Lincoln MKC in this faux commercial from Saturday Night Live.

Neiman Marcus Unveils Luxury Gifts in 2014 Christmas Book (October 27, 2014): Neiman Marcus has unveiled the luxurious and elaborate gifts in its 2014 Christmas Book.

Ellen DeGeneres Inserts Herself Into Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln MKC Commercial (September 22, 2014): Ellen DeGeneres reveals she was cut from Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln MKC car commercial. She shows her version, which is hilarious.

Adriana Lima Stars in Kia World Cup Ads (June 21, 2014): Adrian Lima stars in a series of Kia World Cup commercials. The supermodel also shows off her soccer skills.

Toyota Reveals SpongeBob SquarePants Car for Motor City Comic Con (May 14, 2014): Toyota is sponsoring the 2014 Motor City Comic Con. They will display this Toyota Highlander inspired by SpongeBob SquarePants at the convention.

Dodge Ad Celebrates Centenarians Giving Advice to Younger Generations (April 17, 2014): New Dodge ad features centenarians with attitude: they give great advice about what they've learned in the past century.

Caterpillar Plays Giant Jenga With Cat Machines (April 16, 2014): Caterpillar plays giant Jenga with massive wood blocks and Cat machines in this promotional video.

SNL Cold Open: GM CEO Mary Barra Gets Grilled by Congress (April 7, 2014): In this SNL cold open, Kate McKinnon is GM CEO Mary Barra who is testifying about the ignition switch recall. She is a master of evasion.

Tom Hiddleston Returns for New Jaguar British Villains Campaign (April 5, 2014): Tom Hiddleston is back for a new Jaguar British Villains commercial, called The Art of Villainy.

Walmart Unveils Futuristic Looking Truck at Mid-America Trucking Show (April 2, 2014): Wal-Mart has unveiled a futuristic looking truck at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

Toyota Begins Testing i-Road Vehicles on Public Roads (March 22, 2014): Toyota is testing its i-Road vehicles on public roads in Tokyo.

OPI and Ford Collaborate on Ford Mustang Nail Lacquers (March 5, 2014): OPI and Ford have collaborated on a limited edition line nail lacquers inspired by the Ford Mustang.