Amanda Seyfried Covers June 2015 Issue of Vogue Magazine

Amanda Seyfried covers the June 2015 issue of Vogue magazine. Amanda is wearing a perforated leather top by Dior in the cover photo taken by Mario Testino. Vogue says Amanda is "The Real Thing" and that she is daring, darling and unscripted. Read more... May 23, 2015

Sting Sings Roxanne With Jimmy Fallon and the Ragtime Gals

Jimmy Fallon's a capella group The Ragtime Gals always nails their performances and this latest one is no exception. The barbershop quartet busted out their own version of The Police's classic hit "Roxanne" and Sting joined them for the performance. Read more... May 23, 2015

Jessica Simpson Models Black Swimsuit in Sedona

Jessica Simpson continues to model pieces from her latest Jessica Simpson Collection. Here she is modeling a black swimsuit. She appears have stayed in great shape. Jessica is wearing lots of gold bracelets on her right arm. Read more... May 22, 2015

Rihanna Stars in Dior Secret Garden Campaign

Rihanna was named the new face of Dior in March. She now appears in a the newly released Dior Secret Garden IV campaign. The campaign was photographed by Steven Klein and styled by Mel Ottenberg. Read more... May 21, 2015

Donatella Versace Stars in Givenchy Campaign

Something you don't see in the fashion industry are designers starring in campaigns for other designers, especially in campaigns for major fashion houses. Givenchy and Versace have changed this. Versace creative director Donatella Versace stars in the new Givenchy campaign. She stars in the campaign with Givenchy designer Ricardo Tisci. Read more... May 20, 2015

Ascena Retail Group to Acquire Ann Taylor

The Ascena Retail Group has announced plans to acquire Ann Taylor in a deal worth $2.15 billion. Ann Taylor shares were up on news of the deal, which was announced on Monday. Ascena owns other clothing brands, including Dressbran, Lane Bryant and Catherines. Read more... May 19, 2015

Pantone Announces New Color, Minion Yellow

Pantone has introduced a new color, Minion Yellow. Pantone describes the new color as "illuminating, energetic, friendly and fun-loving." It was inspired by the Minions from the Despicable Me series. The Minions also have their own film coming out this year called, Minions. It arrives in theaters on July 10th. Read more... May 18, 2015

New Study Proves Dieting is Difficult For Those With Thrifty Metabolisms

Traditional thinking says that weight loss is all about calories in and energy expended and that anyone can lose weight just be cutting calories and increasing exercise. But scientific studies are revealing that the traditional model for weight loss or gain is simplistic and inaccurate. Read more... May 15, 2015

CDC Reports Some Progress in Fighting Food Poisoning

According to the National Institute of Health, 48 million people get sick from tainted food every year in the U.S. That means one in six Americans will suffer symptoms of food poisoning this year. Approximately 3,000 people die from contaminated food each year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released its report of the state of foodborne illness in the U.S. which details how the fight against food poisoning is going. The answer is: not that great. Read more... May 15, 2015

Seth Meyers Reveals Anna Wintour's Comedic Genius

Anna Wintour was a guest on Late Night With Seth Meyers to talk about the Met Gala. Before her interview, Seth revealed something that the public does not know: Anna is actually the Executive Producer of his show. In fact, she is the most important and influential person in the world of comedy in the past 40 years. Read more... May 7, 2015